Smooth deliveries contribute to cosmetic brand’s success

 A clever combination of on-trend, unique and cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free formulas has brought New Zealand cosmetic brand, Mellow Cosmetics to the forefront of the makeup industry’s Instagram scene. We spoke to founder, Ima Asali about the rise of the brand and how DHL Express has helped meet the shipping demands of cosmetic consumers in a fast-changing industry.

How did Mellow Cosmetics start?

I always wanted to work in the fashion industry and run my own business. After having my son, I was determined to work for myself and do something that I always wanted to do, so in June 2014 I launched Mellow Cosmetics.

Why did you decide to create a vegan and paraben-free makeup line?

I did a lot of research on the makeup industry and quickly realised that the industry’s target market is interested in using cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free products. Most women these days are really cautious of what they use on their body and don’t want to use any chemicals in their everyday makeup products.  So I decided to search for manufacturers who do not test products on animals and only use vegan and paraben-free formulas.

It is this cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free formula that is a huge selling factor for us at Mellow Cosmetics. Our natural formula is pretty unique and the addition of vitamin C gives a really nice texture to our lipstick. We receive a lot of compliments from our customers and influencers about this unique texture.

Has social media played a big part in Mellow Cosmetics’ success?

Yes, definitely. In the second year of our operations, we started advertising on Instagram and YouTube through influencers – this has helped us to achieve widespread reach in the makeup industry at such a quick rate.

At the moment, we have 68,000 active followers on Instagram and this online community is growing every day. We’ve found that social media is the most effective way to advertise for us.

Where do the majority of your customers come from and why do you think Mellow Cosmetics appeals to them?

We have a huge customer base in the United States, and this is likely because the majority of the Instagram influencers we partner with are based there. The Australian and New Zealand influencers we work with also have lots of followers from the US. Australia is another popular market for Mellow and it continues to grow.

Did you need to design your packaging to be ‘delivery friendly’?

We put a lot of effort into designing our packaging. Our products and packaging are really compact and cute, so it is really easy to send an order off to anywhere in the world.

Do you think your delivery strategy and shipping policy has helped contribute to the growth and success of your business?

DHL Express has been amazing and our customers are happy to pay that bit more to get their order delivered by DHL overnight, rather than waiting for two or more business days. The whole service offered by DHL is really efficient and it has definitely contributed to our international success.

What have been the greatest challenges that you have encountered as the brand has grown into an international e-commerce business?

The main challenge for us Mellow Cosmetics was shipping across different countries using regular postal services. Some customers just wanted their parcels sent by regular post because they didn’t want to pay that bit extra for tracking. They would then receive their order late or would ask us to track their parcel, which were not able to do. It was a big headache.

But since we started working with DHL Express, it has been a nice and smooth delivery process across all countries. It was really important for us to work with a company like DHL who is able to deliver fast to our customers in the United States and Australia.

Finally, what role has DHL played in helping Mellow Cosmetics achieve success?

DHL Express has helped Mellow Cosmetics maintain timely contact with wholesalers and individual customers, making shipping a fast, visible and easy experience. Our partnership with DHL has helped Mellow Cosmetics grow internationally and increase our international sales.

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